Our Story

Being in Management and HR for 18 years, I have coached top performers to achieve success in their careers, and I have coached, once overlooked employees to assist them with developing their skillsets so they could flourish in their professional and personal lives.      

I understood the importance of mastering the ability to navigate difficult conversations with leadership and staff which has led to successful outcomes. Several outcomes have resulted in performance improvement with regards to skillsets and confidence in multi-levels of management.   


As the workplace continues to evolve, with higher demands on time, creating a tight bandwidth in the Human Resources department.  HR departments have several competing priorities, which has caused several HR departments to become an electronic service-based department with the hopes of saving time.


As a result of HR becoming tech-savvy with responses and interaction, the human element is diminishing from Human Resources.  

I thought to myself, how can I support companies and individuals with keeping that human element as a resource for HR teams, leadership, and staff. Hence the birth of Framework Consulting, LLC.

Framework Consulting, LLC collaborates with individuals in their professional and personal lives, to assist in driving results for professional/personal growth and development to course-correct performance and maximize results.


If you want things accomplished in less time, you hire a Consultant.

If you desire professional/personal growth and development, you hire a Coach.

When you need trusted insight that leads to value creation, you hire a Thought Partner.


You want all three, you hire me, Framework Consulting. 

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